Portrait of Bill Harrsion Bill Harrison is a commercial/industrial photographer and graphic artist with over 40 years of experience.  He is a Richmond resident and native, spending time sailing the Chesapeake Bay and photographing its variety of moods.  His fine-art work concentrates on details and textures that contribute to the bay’s unique look.

His expertise also includes images for advertising, commercial and editorial markets, specializing in location, close-up, and illustrative subjects for trade magazines, periodicals, catalogs and specialty publications.

Bill lives in Richmond and maintains a sailboat in Reedville, Va.  He received his degree in Visual Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1969.  Experience in public television, military service, state government and private industry over the past 40 years has provided a varied background which influences his work.  His photography has been included in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Reedville’s Fisherman’s Museum,  Bank of America lobby (downtown), and ArtWorks, Inc. among other local venues.